Matthew Joseph Collins

Attorney Matthew Joseph Collins earned his Juris Doctor in 1985 at the American University Washington College of Law. He has practiced law for over three decades and currently has his own practice in Wethersfield, CT. His practice areas include criminal defense, DUI and DWI.

An Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Matthew Joseph Collins is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who handles both misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses. He is there to ensure that his clients are treated fairly through the criminal justice system and there to fight for his clients’ rights. Previous successes include dismissal of charges, reduction in charges, parole rather than incarceration and reduced sentencing.

Being charged with a criminal offense is always a serious matter. Potential consequences include a stint in prison, costly fines and loss of employment. Attorney Matthew Joseph Collins realizes that there’s a lot at stake, including your freedom. When it comes to developing a strong defense strategy on behalf of his clients, no stone is left unturned. He consults with law enforcement, gets statements from witnesses, hires expert witnesses when needed, does a crime scene reconfiguration, evaluates ballistic reports, reviews DNA evidence and more. Plus, he finds out what evidence the prosecution has. The goal is to poke holes in the prosecution’s case to create reasonable doubt.

An Upfront Approach

If there is strong evidence against you, attorney Matthew Joseph Collins takes a realistic approach. It just may be wise to take a plea bargain. Either way, he will advise you of the options and the pros and cons of each. He’s honest with his clients and will advise them of the possible outcome if the case should go to trial. And if the case does go to trial, he’ll have all witnesses and exhibits ready to present a strong case. Plus, he’s skilled at conducting a tough and thorough cross-examination of the prosecutions witnesses.

In the event the outcome is unfavorable, attorney Matthew Joseph Collins will file an appeal. He’s experienced with the appellate process and does in-depth case research to present a strong oral argument before the appellate judge.

If you’re charged with a crime, turn to attorney Matthew Joseph Collins for the best outcome. From arraignment and pre-trial to trial and appeal, he’s there for you all the way.